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Anti-Bullying Partnership

Anti-Bullying Partnership

You may be aware that Nutfield Church Primary School has formulated the Anti-Bullying Partnership. The team meet once a term to discuss our Anti-Bullying action plan, policies, including the children’s Anti-Bullying policy and how to further raise the profile of Anti-Bullying across the school and beyond! In addition, the children present Collective Worship and meet with Mrs Benjamin each half term.

This awareness campaign can already be seen reflected in a number of classroom workshops and our display boards. We recently wrote about our “toothpaste” workshop, which you can read about here.

The Anti-Bullying Partnership is going for gold!

The Anti-Bullying Partnership represents our whole school community and includes staff members: Mrs Benjamin, Mrs Bainbridge, Ms Fleming, Mrs Vorster (one of our school governors), as well as parents: Mrs Bellamy, Mrs Hickey and Mrs Hargreaves-McCallum and also children: Seb, Lily, George, Lucas, Amelie and Maddie. These new activities will move us closer to achieving our gold mark for the Surrey County Council anti-bullying Charter Mark, of which we currently hold silver.

The Charter Mark award

The Surrey County Council anti-bullying Charter Mark has been designed to give accredited recognition to the commendable work of Surrey schools in effectively responding to and managing incidents of bullying and peer conflict. It promotes the development of a culture and policy that sits comfortably and supportively within the safeguarding ethos of a school.

The Charter Mark has three levels of accreditation: bronze, silver and gold. Each level of award builds upon good practice that is already in place, supporting the development and implementation of progressively robust anti-bullying practice and policy across the five standards of achievement: whole school involvement, policy, support, curriculum and training. Achievement and progress can be matched against the qualifying criteria at each level of the award.

Each term we will focus our activities to tie in with our values, which include Community, Peace, Wisdom, Hope, Dignity, and Joy. We will very soon have a dedicated page on our website for the Anti-Bullying Partnership so please look out for that.