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Making an Easter Garden

Making an Easter Garden

Once again, St Peter and St Paul’s Church are inviting the children to create an Easter Garden at home. Similar to the Nativity scene at Christmas, an Easter Garden is the recreation of Christ’s tomb.

An Easter garden has three essential features: 

  • a mound with at least one cross to represent Calvary;
  • a stone or stone structure to suggest the empty tomb; and
  • lots of live greenery and flowers.

Easter Gardens should be brought into school on Friday 3rd April so the Faith Team can judge them. They will be displayed in the hall during the course of the morning and there will be an opportunity for each class to look at the different creations from across the school. Serena Fowler will collect the gardens after school and take them to St Peter and St Paul’s Church where they will be on display over the Easter period.   

Easter Garden Making Guide:

Below is a downloadable guide to making an Easter Garden. This guide is offered in .PDF format for ease of viewing and printing.

Watch a video:

We have included a short video presentation on the website, which explains the meaning of an Easter Garden and gives ideas on how to create your own one.