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Merstham Food Bank

Merstham Food Bank

On Wednesday morning, Years 4 and 5 school council members went to Merstham Food Bank to deliver our food donations from the Spring Term. We learnt how the food bank works from the different organisations that supply and donate food, including Tesco and Marks and Spencer, plus a number of local schools. Firstly we went to Portland House where the food is stored. We learnt about how the food is organised and then in pairs we packed up a box of food for one adult and two adults/one child.

Then we went back to the community centre where we weighed, sorted and boxed up the different types of food. We found out that is important that food is in date. Any food that is approaching its end of shelf life is put into the community fridge where people can help themselves to it. So, we weighed all the food and we had an amazing 194kg of food which would probably cost around £500 to buy in the shops.

Graham told us that they are very short of food at the moment so our donations have come at a good time. He was also impressed with how many tins of meat we had donated which is a food type is always in high demand. Once we had weighed it, we sorted it into the different food types, boxed it up and took it to the food store.

The food bank is open to the public on a Wednesday and Saturday afternoon and people are able to come in and have tea, coffee and biscuits, talk to the volunteers and then get a box of food which should last them 3-4 days. Some people even need help with other home products like washing powder and cleaning products. We have learnt that our donations are really important to the local community so we would like to keep on collecting through the summer term.