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The Nutfield PSA has been set up by local residents to raise awareness of the danger to our children from increasing traffic in the village.  Our aim is to make it as safe as possible for everybody using the village, especially the school children.  There are 2 issues, parking and speed. 

There are times the village is exceptionally busy.  School/nursery runs, football matches in the park and when the village hall is being used.  There is little/no parking and the lack of a car park creates a problem.

There is also a speed issue.  The village essentially becomes a one-way street due to the nature of the housing and lack of off road parking.

We have emailed Cllr Thorn and are trying to get some road safety measures implemented.  In the mean time we have compiled a list of things that we could all do to help ease the problems and ensure our children stay as safe as possible.

  • Regularly talk to your children about road safety. I know this may sound obvious but there have been a few incidents involving bicycles and pedestrians.  There are also a lot of hidden driveways so remind your children to check that there aren’t any cars reversing out of drives as small children are not visible to drivers, especially if they are on balance bikes etc.
  • Walk to school. I know sometimes it’s easy to jump in the car but the less cars near the school the safer it is for our children.  If you have to drive consider parking a little bit further away.  If those coming from top Nutfield could park further up and those coming from the other end could park nearer the pub/station and walk in, it eliminates having too much traffic around the school. 
  • Drive slowly. We are currently lobbying to get a 20mph speed limit implemented in the village.  Up until now it has been refused but 30mph is far too fast for a village of this size.  At any time of the day please try and restrict your speed to 20mph and constantly be aware that a pedestrian or bike could jump out at any time!  The reason it hasn’t been implemented is because cars are going faster than 20mph believe it or not! 
  • Car share. If you can come to arrangements with other parents to take it in turns to do the school run then this would have a big impact.  Even if 10 families split it into pairs, that’s already 5 less cars.
  • Stay calm. There have been many moments where frustrations seem to get the better of people and there have been a lot of angry confrontations, particularly at school runs.  This is usually because a lot of motorists use the village as a cut through and get frustrated at not being able to go through as quickly as they like due to traffic outside the school. 
  • Park responsibly. There is a lot of bad parking!  It is really frustrating that when you want to drop off your child and you’re running a bit late that you can’t park.  This results in people dropping off in the layby outside the school, parking on bends and double yellow lines, blocking drives and on pavements.  None of these are legal!  Please please be considerate.  The reason for the bay outside the school is to protect your children. The same with the zig zags and double yellow lines.  There are a lot of complaints regarding parking.  People who are trying to get out of their driveways and are unable to.  People who are trying to get out of a side road and cannot see oncoming traffic.  Children trying to walk along a pavement and they have to go into a road.  If you need to park partly on the pavement always leave enough room for a wheelchair, double push chair etc.
  • If you live along mid street and have off road parking, reverse into your drive whenever possible so that you aren’t reversing onto the road when you come out. That way you have more chance of seeing a child running along the pavement.

In order to improve the situation we all have to do our bit.  We all want the same.  A safe place for our children to live and go to school in.  To know that when they go to clubs and parties in the village they can get there and back as safely as possible.  There isn’t one solution to this due to the nature of the village but if we all do what we can, all these little bits together will make a huge difference.

If you would like to keep up to date with everything that we are doing please follow our facebook page.  Finally we are wanting to log all near misses/accidents so that we have more data to support our cause when lobbying the council.  Please message me on the facebook page or email it to nutfieldpsa@hotmail.com


Many thanks

Nutfield PSA