Welcome to Nutfield Church (C of E) Primary School

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Nutfield Church Primary School – Aims

Our aim as a church school, which is closely linked to its partner churches and the wider diocese of Southwark, is to offer opportunities where all members of the school community may flourish as children of God.

In order to do this, we follow a trinity of key aims interchangeably. In addition to these aims we encourage our pupils to focus on six learning skills each of which, flow from these aims.


To recognize and respect our own faith and the faith of others and actively live out our beliefs and be reflective in our service to our community, the country and this world.


To provide a happy, safe environment which enables our children to play and learn collaboratively with friends, groups and the whole school. To persevere when faced with challenges in our learning. Determined to not give up!


To encourage children to know themselves, their feelings and actions. To be strategic in the way we support them. To help children be optimistic, enthusiastic and ambitious in their endeavours. To be resilient in their learning, now and in the future.


Nutfield Church (C of E) Primary School Mission:

  • We are a church school, which believes in the importance of community, where people from all races, religions and cultures act in peace
  • Our pupils, staff and families work together as a team to love and support each other through our learning. We have hope in our challenges and in our success.
  • We recognise grace in our own lives and show it to those we work and play with. We look to the future with joy.