Welcome to Nutfield Church (C of E) Primary School

Call us on: 01737 823239

Leadership Team

  • Miss Imogen Woods                    Headteacher,
  • Miss Anna Morris                        Deputy Headteacher (SENCO), Key Person for Looked After Children
  • Mrs Philippa Assender               Bursar

Teaching Staff

  • Mrs Marianne Holmes                                           Foundation Stage Class Teacher
  • Miss Millie Johnston and Mrs Angela Boyle     Year 1 Class Teachers
  • Mrs Katharine Brooks                                            Year 2 Class Teacher
  • Miss Eleanor Cook                                                  Year 3 Class Teacher
  • Miss Anna Morris and Mrs Sandra Fine            Year 4 Class Teachers
  • Mrs Charlotte Cordey                                             Year 5 Class Teacher
  • Mrs Encarna Cox                                                     Year 6 Class Teacher
  • Mrs Sam Tarrant                                                     Leadership, teacher training and PPA cover Teacher
  • Mr Phil Smith                                                          PE  and Sports Coach

Trainee Teacher – Miss Daisy Mitchell

Support Staff
Higher Level Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs Mandy Lane

Learning Mentor, Home School Link Worker, and Pupil Progress Support

  • Mrs Lorraine Bainbridge

Teaching/Special Needs Assistants

  • Mrs Sue Vaughey/Mrs Michelle Fowler – Foundation Stage
  • Miss Jade Swain/Mrs Angela Parry – Year 1
  • Mrs Rebecca Ross – Year 2
  • Mrs Layla Wilkinson – Year 3
  • Mr Vince Eddington/Mrs Mandy Lane – Year 4
  • Mr David Bowen – Year 5
  • Mr Mark Day – Year 6


Midday Meals Supervisors

  • Mr David Bowen (Senior)                    Mr Mark Day                                         
  • Miss Carlene Fleming                           Mrs Michelle Fowler                             
  • Miss Debbie Gearing                             Miss Jade Swain                                    
  • Mrs Sue Vaughey                                   Mrs Layla Wilkinson

Turtles Wrap Around Care

  • Mrs Mandy Lane (Play Leader)         
  • Mr David Bowen                                   Miss Jade Swain 
  • Miss Carlene Fleming                          Mrs Layla Wilkinson                                   


Office Staff

  • Mrs Jane Buttle                          School Office Manager
  • Mrs Eileen Bowen                      School Office Assistant, Clerk to the Governing Body
  • Mrs Georgie Dowden                Admin. Assistant


Resident Site Manager

  • Mr Fred Kolndreu

Kitchen Staff

  • Mrs Sharon Adams                     School Cook
  • Mrs Alison Kerry                         School Kitchen Assistant
  • Ms Natalie Dodimead                School Kitchen Assistant