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Reverend Phe talks Superheroes!

Reverend Phe talks Superheroes!

On Wednesday 30th January, Reverend Phe came to visit Reception class. She spoke about superheroes and the qualities and powers that they often possess. The class worked with Rev Phe to create their own superhero, all contributing to the powers that the hero will have.

From this Rev Phe then spoke about Jesus and the ‘hero’ qualities that he has, and linked this to the superhero the class had just designed. The children learnt about Jesus’ big heart and his capacity to love everyone even when people treat him badly.

Reverend Phe then explained to the children that they too can all be superheroes by treating others as they wish to be treated themselves. All of the children decided that they would do their very best to treat others well and not become angry or hurtful towards one another but have a big heart and love everybody.