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Safer Internet Day Workshops

Safer Internet Day Workshops

Safeguarding your Children Online

Tuesday 6th February 2018 – 2.30-5pm and 7-8pm

Nutfield Church Primary School would like to invite you to a drop-in workshop where you can learn more about how to help your child stay safe online.  

Drop in at any time during our afternoon or evening session where you can:

  • Discover the results of a school survey on internet use (your child can use this link to complete the survey now)
  • Ask a social media guru about how online sites really work
  • Decide which parental settings are going to work for your family
  • Pick up safety hints about games and social media apps Minecraft, Snapchat and WhatsApp
  • Try out some child-friendly apps and games
  • Engage in an ongoing discussion about how best to protect your children online

Over the last ten years or so, there has been an explosion in the use of digital technology. It has become an everyday part of our lives, with our means of communication, shopping, entertainment and sources of information all driven by the internet. Its basic premise of interconnectivity is both useful and desirable and, to put it quite simply, human beings love it!

Lucy and the Boy

This video outlines the potential dangers of children sharing information about themselves online.

However, there is a darker side to all this technology. Children are, by their very nature, inexperienced and inquisitive. To them, the digital world offers an exciting blend of fun and social interaction and it is easy for them to jump right into it by downloading a whole host of apps, without a thought for how they might be compromising their safety.

Of all the sites and apps available for use, many have age restrictions to safeguard children from the content or the age of other users participating. However, statistics show that many children use social media and gaming sites in the full knowledge that they are underage, with, as a result, little or no protection for their privacy and safety. The bald fact is that there are also dangers inherent in using many of the online sites designed for children.  It is worrying that the default settings of many of these apps are pitifully slack when it comes to privacy and need changing before children use them.

In addition to the safety aspect, in-app purchases can be responsible for children running up a huge bill for their parents, whilst Internet Addiction Disorder is a growing problem with children displaying tiredness, lack of interest in activities which they used to enjoy, irritability and anxiety when not using the internet and a desire to withdraw from friends and family.

In our duty as parents and teachers to inform children about the wider world, we must help them navigate the digital world and learn how to stay safe online. Whilst not recommending that children should use online platforms such as Facebook and Snapchat underage, the reality is that they often do and if we block their access without giving reasons, this can force the behaviour underground. Exploring a site’s settings together with our children, considering the difference between a single user or multi user setting or explaining why we may consider the whole thing inappropriate empowers our children and helps them understand both the benefits and the dangers of the internet, and how to keep themselves safe online.