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Section 48 Church School Inspection

Section 48 Church School Inspection

Many of you will have received my letter from earlier in the week which announced the result of our most recent SIAMS (Statutory Inspection for Anglican and Methodist Schools). I am delighted to inform you that all four areas (Leadership and Management, Christian Character, RE and Collective Worship) were judged as Outstanding.

The inspection held on 23rd and 24th April included observations of lessons in each of the classes, interviews with governors, clergy, senior leaders, staff and children. 

The inspector scrutinised RE books from each class, reviewed values books and was sent school development plans and assessment and attendance information for Maths, English (Reading and Writing) and RE. In addition to this, she reviewed the attainment and progress of pupils in all groups including those with Special Educational Needs, more able pupils and those considered to be from disadvantaged and vulnerable backgrounds. 

During the inspection, she observed two Collective Worships, visited Trinity Gardens and reviewed the art work and murals around the school. Her considerations also included the use and organisation of the interior and exterior of the school environment. 

This gives Nutfied Church (Church of England) Primary School an overall judgment of Outstanding. 

This is the first Outstanding judgment that the school has received and is testament to the support and commitment of the whole school community expressed by you all. The staff and I are of course, absolutely delighted with the outcome and would like to thank you for your continued support and encouragement as the school continues to move from strength to strength. 

Thank you all once again. I hope that you are as proud of being part of this very special school and its continued journey of success as we all are. Our vision that ‘all flourish and all live life in all its fullness’ is evidenced in this judgment; we look to the future with Joy! 

To view the full report, CLICK HERE.