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Sports Premium – Summary  for 2016-2017 and Plans for 2017-18

We love Dodgeball at Nutfield Church School!

Physical Education (PE) is an important part of pupil’s learning and education. It provides opportunities for pupils to be creative and competitive in groups and/or in teams, whilst promoting positive attitudes towards PE and healthy lifestyles. At Nutfield Church (C of E) Primary School, two PE sessions per week are dedicated to physical activity in the curriculum for each class, plus other opportunities to take part in sports and PE, both during and outside school hours.

The government is providing £150 million per year of sport premium funding to enhance primary sport for the academic year 2016- 2017, and has pledged to do so until 2020. Funding for the academic year from September 2016 to July 2017 for Nutfield Church (C of E) Primary School was £8,865 comprised of a lump sum of £8,000, plus a premium of £5 per pupil in Years 1 to 6.

The government has announced an increase in funding for the academic year September 2017 to July 2018; this has been increased to a lump sum of £16,000, plus a premium of £10 per pupil in Years 1 to 6. This means that our sport premium funding for 2017-2018 will be £17,680.

We continue to invest the Sports Premium in a variety of ways to improve the quality and breadth of our PE and sports provision and to increase the enjoyment and participation in PE and sport throughout the school, so that all our pupils develop healthier lifestyles and reach the performance levels they are capable of.

Our winning Year 5/6 Tag Rugby Team


In the academic year 2016-2017 we continued to focus on inclusion in PE and sport throughout the school, offering increased CPD opportunities for all staff, and ensuing that all our children receive a wide variety of indoor and outdoor PE activities. We aim to instill a love of sport and physical activity in our children, and teach them the importance of teamwork in their lives.

On its website, the government provides the following advice for how to spend the Sports Premium funding:

Schools must use the funding to make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of PE and sport they offer.

This means that you should use the premium to:

  • develop or add to the PE and sport activities that your school already offers
  • make improvements now that will benefit pupils joining the school in future years

For example, you can use your funding to:

  • hire qualified sports coaches to work with teachers
  • provide existing staff with training or resources to help them teach PE and sport more effectively
  • introduce new sports or activities and encourage more pupils to take up sport
  • support and involve the least active children by running or extending school sports clubs, holiday clubs and Change4Life clubs
  • run sport competitions
  • increase pupils’ participation in the School Games
  • run sports activities with other schools

You should not use your funding to:

  • employ coaches or specialist teachers to cover planning preparation and assessment (PPA) arrangements – these should come out of your core staffing budgets
  • teach the minimum requirements of the national curriculum – including those specified for swimming (or, in the case of academies and free schools, to teach your existing PE curriculum.


 Sports Premium Expenditure and Outcomes

(NB. Any mismatch between expenditure figures is due to differences in financial and academic periods.)

2016-2017 Academic Year

Item of Expenditure Description Outcome


Oxted School – Service Level Agreement




To co-ordinate Tandridge primary schools sports tournaments


·         Events planned for whole academic year for children in years 5 and 6, and also in years 3 and 4. Nutfield Church Primary has entered teams into all competitions, and hosted the year 3 and 4 Small Schools Tag Rugby Festival on 14th March 2017.
CPD provided by sports coach



For 3 sessions per week with teachers in PE lessons CPD is taking place for teachers in Years 1,2 and 3 on a weekly basis with the intended outcome being that these teachers will lead their own PE sessions in the next academic year.
Resources – Miscellaneous







Equipment and other resources to facilitate PE and sports, lunchtime sports activities, polo shirts for staff ·         Replacement of old equipment

·         Resourcing of new areas of curriculum

·         New sports kit for tournaments – children feel proud representing their school

·         Staff feel part of team

Valsabin PE planning documents




Comprehensive medium and short term planning for teachers Purchased for Early Years, KS1 and KS2 for Games, Athletics, Gymnastics and Dance. Gymnastics and Dance Units used in Years 1,2,4 and 5.


Daily activities for Reception children – used daily in Reception.


Staff costs





Overtime and cover for staff to attend residentials, sporting events, after school clubs Children had enhanced experience at residentials and were able to attend multiple sporting competitions and after school clubs.
Badminton taster day provided by James Fletcher



Sessions for Years 2-6. Opportunity for children to sign up for after school club Repeat of last year’s day. After school club is now in third term and is full.
Sports Crew Training run by

Active Surrey – Abigail Price



Training for Year 6 Sports Leaders Successful morning training session with lots of ideas for how Sports Leaders can work with younger children.

Sports Leaders are running PhysiFun sessions daily during lunch playtime with younger children.

For full report click on the link below:

Sports Premium Document 2016-2017