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Top Tips for Year 6 SATs

Top Tips for Year 6 SATs

Year 6 SATs tests have started today. We want our children to perform at their best during their SATs.

The night before the tests…

  • Make sure that they are not studying all evening.
  • Ensure that they relax and get a good night sleep during the week of the tests.
  • Make sure your children arrive promptly at school. (We will be running a special breakfast club for them).
  • If your child is feeling anxious, reassure them and explain that these feelings are normal but encourage them to be positive and picture themselves trying their best- that is all anyone is asking of them! Positive self-talk releases a hormone called serotonin which helps children to keep calm and function well.
  • Make sure you child is hydrated and remind them to drink especially if the weather is hot.

Remind your children about good test techniques:

  • Read questions carefully.
  • Think about what the question is asking and remember strategies that they have been taught.
  • If they are stuck on a question move on to a question that they can answer. When they have completed the test, carefully check their answers and tackle any questions that they are unsure of.
  • Praise your children for their effort when they arrive home at the end of the day.

Good Luck Year 6!