Welcome to Nutfield Church (C of E) Primary School

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At Nutfield Church Primary School, we value Community and Peace.

Our Community is extremely special. We are all members of a very special school, set in an active community where the pupils are involved in supporting local and national charities and care homes. We encourage our pupils to think of others and begin to see their place in their local, national and global community. Our children are encouraged to think of others in their own ways and we support those pupils who have special interests in specific charities. Our families have a wealth of experiences and often come in to talk about their areas of specialisms or particular roles at work. We enjoy learning from one another and encouraging the pupils to think about their place in our community. At our school your child will enjoy a peaceful environment where he/she is free to learn happily. Your child will be encouraged to learn to act peacefully and enjoy being in a calm, happy school.

We take great pride in helping our children to become Peace Makers and stand up for themselves and to others. We actively promote Peace, through our behaviour expectations, School Council, Collective Worship and through all areas of the curriculum. Our priority for peace can be seen in our strong commitment to the highest standards of behaviour and conduct for all. We pride ourselves in supporting our families hope that their children will be well adjusted, happy and helpful members of society.


At Nutfield Church Primary we value Grace and Hope

We recognise the concept of Grace and support pupils in their understanding of this, when they show each other Grace. Learning about forgiveness and reconciliation is an important aspect of our school’s life. We aim to ensure that our children feel safe in all areas of their learning; our teachers plan for each individual carefully. We encourage our pupils to think positively about their learning and be well prepared for their future. Through carefully planned learning opportunities and parent support we believe that our children become optimistic about themselves in school and in their future plans. We are known for having strong relationships with our children and their families. We encourage our parents and carers to become involved in the wider life of the school.


At Nutfield Church Primary we value Love and Joy.

Our children love learning! Our staff create lively and creative learning opportunities which encourage your children to be excited about their learning. We aim that our children have a joyful experience at our school. At Nutfield Church Primary School your child will experience a positive and loving environment. We are fortunate enough to have loving families and caring staff. Together we care for others both within and beyond our school community. It is widely acknowledged by staff that teaching and supporting our pupils in this special school is a joyful privilege and is one we believe should be enjoyed!


A note about welcome

Welcome..such a powerful word.

This is the key message which runs through our school. We particularly welcome new children and families who enter school in our Reception class or indeed, later on from other schools. We organise excellent transition support for new children and families and for those who come later in the school, we set up buddying systems and often provide bespoke curriculum in order that those children are fully integrated into ‘Nutfield life’. Our families are supportive of children who need additional or individualised support and this ethos enables staff to provide the very best access for all pupils.

Our Governors, Headteacher, staff and families fully support all pupils. We celebrate the difference and uniqueness of each child. We are an enthusiastic community. Happy, thriving and very much aware of how wonderful it is to be part of this school.