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Year 1: I want my hat back!

Year 1: I want my hat back!

After reading ‘I Want My Hat Back’ we thought about what might have happened to Rabbit at the end of the story. Had Bear eaten Rabbit? Of course not…. We learnt that Rabbit had taken Bear’s hat, but he hadn’t meant to and was very sorry that he had upset Bear. We wrote letters to Rabbit making suggestions on what he might do to repair their friendship.

Then we received a letter back from Rabbit! We had to pack him a bag so he could travel back to Bear’s part of the forest and we wrote a list of the things he might need to help him on this way, using our phonic knowledge to help us.

We also acted out scenario’s from the book in a drama lesson where the children pretended to be Bear looking for his hat. You can see some pictures of this activity in the images below. We are now creating our own variation of this story entitled “I want my friend back”. These stories will be ready to read in the next few days.