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Year 3: The Pied Piper

Year 3: The Pied Piper

This week, the children have finished writing their own versions of the Pied Piper. They have worked incredibly hard on these to make them the very best that they can be. The children have used a variety of language, such as: similes, noun phrases and conjunctions, to ensure their stories are exciting and grip the reader.

They have worked hard in the editing process to ‘upgrade’ the adjectives and verbs they have used, e.g. changing ‘ran’ to ‘sprinted’ or ‘big’ to ‘enormous’. They have also been focusing on using the correct punctuation, for example using speech marks appropriately and adding an ellipsis ( … ) to create suspense and make their stories more exciting.

These will be written up and ready for you all to read at Parents’ Evening! In the gallery below you can see the children busy writing their stories.