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Changes to our Covid arrangements

Changes to our Covid arrangements

We are delighted that restrictions on schools have lifted in terms of ‘gathering’, bubbles and groups. This means that soon, we will be able to have all parents and carers back on the playground. We have decided that we will maintain the ‘soft start’ whereby children go straight in to school. Parents and carers will drop off at the gate in the mornings. However, soon, all parents and carers will be able to be back on the playground at the end of the school day. The protective measures will remain the same around key areas such as cleaning and ventilation but from a parent and carer perspective, the school will begin to return to normal practice.

The office would still ask that all parents and carers email or telephone with queries wherever possible. I will be sending a parent mail within the next few weeks, to let everyone know the start date for the return of parents and carers on to the playground. Reception parents and carers, please continue to come on to the playground at the start and end of the day; we will not be asking you to line up outside (as mentioned in my July newsletter pre Government update), as we want the children to have the least amount of disruption to their daily routines.

Attached to this newsletter is ‘Procedures to follow if a member of staff or child in school displays symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) or has a positive test’. This should help you understand the new changes.