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Meet the Charity Ambassadors

Welcome to our team:

Nutfield Church Primary School want to say a big thank you to Freya and Holly for their ideas developing charities last year. We are on the search for new charity ambassadors to help promote individual charities throughout the year. Our Love Projects are very important (and often ambitious in terms of what the children ask us all for) but we agree with the children that ‘there’s always room to help more people’. The Charity Ambassadors’ role will be to continue in the footsteps of our 19/20 Year 6’s and their co-worker Chloe. They will ideally enjoy seeking out any opportunities for the school to raise much needed funds for a selection of very worthy charities throughout the year. They are especially tasked with supporting smaller charities close to people’s hearts here in school and in the village.


Our Charity Blog:

They will be speaking with our amazing children from all year groups, finding out what charities they have been supporting. You will be able to read about these wonderful achievements in our special charity blog page, which can be accessed via the adjacent link.


Charity of the Month:

You will also find our special “Charity of the Month” announcements on this page, which will focus on one particular charity that we are supporting. This content will be regularly updated as we progress through the year so please keep checking back for new information

Tell us about your charity:

We are very keen to hear about your charity work. If you are involved with a charity, taking part in a sponsored event, or need some help raising awareness for your charity, come and talk to us. We would love to hear from you.

Charity News:

For the latest news on the many charity activities related to our children, please click on the link below for more…

Charity of the Month:

To find out more about this months charity focus, please click on the above icon or the link below…